As a State Director of one of the largest social/educational programs in the United States, I am astounded by the work on brining “equity” to every student in the two nations that we have visited. Title I of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act was implemented in 1963 by President Lyndon B. Johnson — His vision was that Title I would provide states, districts and schools funds to be used to bring equitable educational services to those children living in poverty. The use of technology by students in classrooms across the nation wasn’t in the picture at that time. In 2011, funds from Title I may be used to assist in the instruction of low income, low achieving students. BUT – we do not have systemic, systematic plan to ensure that there is equity for the students that Title I serves to bring knowledge through technology to all of our children.


Two nations are working to achieve, what I believe was President’s Johnson’s dream for Title I — to bring educational equity to Low-income, low-ability students.  


ACCESS to information,

the logic needed to be successful contributors in the workplace and

to bridge the gap of inequity.


Uruguay and Buenos Aries have instituted programs where every child in their public schools will have a computer and access to the world’s information and resources. The classrooms that we visited engaged students in learning. A classroom of 5 and 6 year old students, were engaged in a lesson on animals and their habitat – students were designing their own animal based on the environmental elements in which the animal would live. What fun in building upon knowledge and creative thinking!


A classroom of older students was engaged in programming a traffic light. They were learning the “logic” of programming. (I will be watching the news to see if there are new traffic light systems in Buenos Aries!)


A commitment to the children of both countries to provide them with the skills needed in the future for the use of technology, is the priority in both nations. A priority we need to pay attention to!